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tv   Headline News  RT  June 16, 2014 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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breaking news on our international ukraine that stops receiving russian gas after missing the latest and final deadline to pay its debt gazprom says europe supplies continue as planned. ukraine's prime minister requests a state of emergency in ukraine the energy sector as well as plans to start buying russian gas supply to you were. america's true all done police patrols the pentagon hands out its hardware leftovers we asked whether officers really need military grade gear. and a palestinian is killed in a clash with israeli soldiers as the i.d.f. launches
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a massive door to door searching for three jewish teenagers kidnapped in the west bank. welcome this is already international well live from moscow you're with me tongue. ukraine has confirmed that supplies of russian gas have been cut off moscow has switched to a pre-payment scheme after the latest deadline expires we have to pay some of these huge gas bills are just learning also reports from outside gets from headquarters in moscow. actually you heard from the c.e.o. of gas from alexei miller and he's been meeting with russia's prime minister dmitry medvedev and once again miller said that to ukraine's position is a form of blackmail the position of the ukrainian side can be described as open blackmail the substitution of terms under subject of negotiations we also know that
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ukraine's prime minister arseniy yatsenyuk has imposed a state of emergency on the country's energy sector and also miller said that in fact ukraine has announced that it will take as much it will use as much gas as it needs and it will take it for free we have heard about the head of nafta will be traveling to europe to try and seal deals on rivers deliveries and gas from has already said that if indeed they do that this would violate the terms of their own tribe now of course now has to pay up front if it wants any gasso from russia it is still owes a russia for him to have a billion dollars right now the price that russia was offering is three hundred eighty five a dollars four thousand cubic meters even the e.u. energy chief said that the price was reasonable but again when it comes to ukraine's prime minister he doesn't want to pay any more than two hundred sixty five dollars and that is the price that was agreed with the previous leadership in ukraine before february's so right now since both sides are can't agree on the
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price or take matters to the international court ukraine is accusing russia of plain political games russia simply looking to get its money back now of course as we know many euro keep being in countries there dreading this period right now because they don't want to see a repeat of what happened in two thousand and six and two thousand and nine and that's when ukraine was called siphoning off gas and time that for them through its transit pipelines and since of course we know that many european countries depend heavily on russian gas their concerns are on the stand a bit but right now the ball is in kiev supports and already we know as i said that many european countries are worried that we will see ukraine siphoning gas off of them since they can't get their hands on a mormon. guess from officials are giving further comment on the gas dispute with kiev hours after cutting off supplies to ukraine especially listening she. excuses . interviews prepayments you know our trade with ukraine long ago but we didn't do
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that trying to do with a fever ukraine important as well as the european commission who kept telling us to morrow and then tomorrow and then tomorrow tomorrow we would get paid ukraine would it would receive enough promise from those guys in from those guys and they would have enough money to pay you back for a really well that's what we were being told by bryant will be closely following guess promise press conference and keep you updated have to r.t. dot com to hear it live right to put you in a picture about what's really being asked for here the total amount of dead ukraine currency to russia exceeds of four billion dollars and what russia requested when it said its last deadline is to receive half of that money but even if you clean spaces the taps being turned off soon moscow says euro shouldn't be adrift and that it supplies i carrying on as planned right let's go to get the thoughts of
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a dense q. political analyst from the e.u. reporter magazine who joins us live thank you very much for being with us and russia is accusing ukraine of blackmail what's your pin on here was a position during the negotiations. wow first of all it's not constructive it's obvious about the problem is that instead of our are being a call pretty of with europe because the prize wish gas prom proposes is in one line with a prize that is considered by the rypien commission as a fair price so a commission many times underlined that lower tries this exceptionally low price that kiev insists on will create will cause the disturbances of economists and wrong to crave so if ukraine is interested to integrate into european union they have to consider the interests of the others and that's
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a principle of solidarity they shouldn't only take our something for themselves and that's unfortunately is very cruel side to policy all the all the guard because as you know now there is a government of seven oligarchs and they're pursuing their interests and their usual ways so they're thinking only about themselves they don't think of a behavior their own scrape is serious dumping problem for european economies is first and secondly this debate damages european economies beyond imaginable because our businesses realize that gas supplies to europe are not secured and you can't keep businesses by order in europe so it means that above the problem of overtaxed market above the problem of our very high price of labor above the problem of our. overregulate it gas our markets in europe now the gas supplies are not secure if the problem comes back again and again so
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are the businesses well just leave europe right out and means a lot of us and i let me ask you this the russians said european supplies are going to go on as planned and it all depends on ukraine now let's just listen to the spokesperson of russia's gas pump quickly. because it doesn't actually amount of gas for european consumers is being supplied in full compliance with those contracts and is not sure and ukraine's nafta gatt is obliged to guarantee deliveries without disruption according to the transit on strike. so let me come back to you and what are the chances of ukraine is starting to this this morning of the guess that's going towards you. well it was it was happening for twenty four years now has all the years of ukraine independence there are same structural problems because ukrainians would like to continue are to have
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a communistic relationship a way of russia in terms of receiving guys they don't want to accept the capitalistic faces off a new arrangement so they don't want to pay for gas creates a problem and it would be illusion to say about it doesn't touch europe in spite of our gas problem delivering to europe the whole situation as such it damages is european businesses so i mean the problem is there the europeans have to consider their policy towards ukraine first of all they have to offer them two thing to be call pretty of because if they want to be part of european union they can't work against european union is first a the second thing european officials should thing how they should pay because of the moment ukrainian government don't have money they don't have money of their own they have money which are given by the international institution which is given credit by our european commission it's a trick so they have to consider
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a system of direct payments to gas problems as they do for example in case of our conflict between israel and palestine because they pay our bills of palestinians directly to israel so that might be a short term solution are to reconstruct the situation and to avoid damages to european economies and interesting to see how this is good all going to unravel in the next couple of weeks thank you very much for your input on the story and then dance the political analyst from the e.u. reporter magazine the aggravating guess is expected to have the ramifications for you queen and possibly for your old lives well and it's been argued that russia's interest to marty's arena going to school was looking at the consequences for all parties. there are about four major misconceptions about this whole gas conundrum that exist and we're going to destroy dispel them for you right now basically the number one myth about the gas situation is that if you look at
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this map for example it shows you how dependent on russia each european state is for its gas right now so the dark blue ones show that the country is getting seventy five percent or more from russia and the lighter blue ones show that that number is being decreased gradually now that means of course that if indeed russia were to take away its gas or europe or tearing away from russia when it comes to its gas supplies it means they will have to build new pipelines and new terminals that is something that doesn't happen overnight on top of that world bank estimates that prices for gas then would shoot up roughly fifty percent something that's going to be a really hard sell to the taxpayers now misconception number two european leaders made a big deal of talking of reversing the pipeline flow back to ukraine what they're doing essentially is letting ukraine to keep some of the gas that e.u.
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is buying from russia and making up for that shortfall with more expensive gas on the market so in effect european taxpayers are already having to cough up more for their heating to payroll the political grandstanding now and misconception number three it's no secret that america is dying to start selling gas to europe but unfortunately the atlantic ocean is pretty big and for this shell gas to get from the united states to europe the vessels over that gas will have to cross it now the gas prices in europe are simply too low for that right now to justify the shipping costs and finally the misconception number four will lose in the u. market be a big blow to russia thanks to china not any more and here's why the world gets through. about three trillion cubic meters of gas a year and china is projected to start consuming two trillion so there's certainly no shortage of appetite for russian gas especially now that they've finally got
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that gas deal in place. but as well as locking horns over guess with russia kids are still waging a military campaign in ukraine's east the city of us love beyond one of those hardest hit by the military operation journalists have come under fire by a correspondent from artie's rupp the video agency was among them he told us what happened. although we were walking through a field when we heard a machine gun we dived down i kept on filming the self defense member who was our guide called for backup and a car came to purchase we jumped in we were driving fast and then another shot ripped through our tires and we were driving just the bare wheel for the rest of our journey we thank god we were alive when we made it. the crew was filming a report about the allegations are phosphorus bombs being used by the ukrainian army they designed to cause large fires and they use is strictly prohibited by the
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u.n. another two journalists are working for russian t.v. have been held by ukraine security forces since saturday meanwhile thousands of people are having to abandon their homes in the east to the violence. i get minute by minute coverage of all the elements in ukraine's crisis on air and online at r t dot com. american police and some cities are being armed to the teeth with military hardware more suited for wars things but it's not because of some suburban security nightmare it's because as tons of expensive gear left over from lengthy foreign campaigns as a marine aboard my experiences some of it has not even been used and the president and the pentagon don't want it gathering dust. as america continues winding down its longest streak of war soldiers are returning home and so is their military
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arsenal a used armored vehicle that will be used during swat calls and other emergency situations nine foot tall mine resistant trucks specifically designed to survive roadside bomb attacks are parked all throughout the u.s. local and state police departments have acquired more than four hundred m. wraps and silencers and tens of thousands of m. sixteen machine guns and night vision equipment is a new paradigm is that the military paradigm militarized police and the problem with that is when they look at americans or the golf and they see only combatants this is all made possible through america's military transfer program created in the ninety's when violence and drug gangs plagued major cities today crime in the u.s. has fallen to its lowest in a generation and the special response team in richland county south carolina looks like this ready to take on the taliban should it invade the self this year the thing that it's doing is basically just making it more and more obvious that iraq
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they are being watched their eyes our police forces are being turned into soldiers iraq war veteran emily yates says her country's law enforcement is being trained to fight against the public instead of serving to protect it they should be trained to deescalate any violation or aggression that's happening but instead the police are showing up and causing violence and aggression people are just afraid all the time and for no reason our country has never been invaded we have no foreign army at our doorstep however a sheriff in indiana claims his county needs m. raps to protect against possible attacks by veterans returning from home i see a lot of paranoia about that or that i don't like it usually excuse to harm police like their. but you know like the people of afghanistan that we've got a problem but using that as a way to militarize the police for whatever they think might be coming in the
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future a future where america's local police forces will be prepared for war but who will they be warring against merino r.t. it seems that scott says even the splits on the wedded to the u.k. are not it's even causing households to themselves put in two weeks this will bring you perspective from both camps later in the program we'll be right back. please give or take a look very hard to make i. want to get along here a lot have you ever had that would that hurt your feelings. please.
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please. please. please. please please please. please. please the. the people. i believe. i'm. i. thought this is r t international for
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more news a palestinian man has been killed in a clash with israeli soldiers who are searching for three abducted jewish teenagers around a hundred and fifty people have so far been arrested in the west bank including the palestinian parliament speaker policy here has the latest intel of the. more than forty palestinians were detained bringing to more than one hundred fifty the number of palestinians who have been arrested including the spokesperson of the palestinian column and now this comes as the israeli army launches a massive manhunt this has resulted in the closure of several palestinian cities and also in house to house searches and it was during one of those searches that overnight a nineteen year old palestinian was shot did during clashes in the palestinian city of ramallah now the israeli government says that the hamas militant group is clearly to blame it says despite the fact that the organization has not taken
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responsibility and let's remember that this is an organization that in the past has clearly stated when it is responsible for attacks and for kidnappings in fact a mass has said the israeli accusations are silly the three teenagers were kidnapped on tuesday night while they were hitchhiking home after a religious studies the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has vowed that he will do everything in his power to bring them back safely he also points the blame at the palestinian president mahmoud abbas saying he needs to shoulder responsibility particularly in light of the recent palestinian unity government that was formed this unity government is something that the israeli prime minister has criticized repeatedly saying that it is an opportunity that hamas is trying to use to gain a food a stronghold in the west bank as is always the case of course it is the ordinary palestinians who are feeding the repercussions of this heavy handedness on the israeli response side you have border closures you have an increased israeli military presence now in the palestinian territories and the mood on the ground of
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course is that no one is certain how long this will continue for. what goals why this battling it out in brazil added same's to get ahead we need them the french why it's plain that he would have been watched by a spy drone. or whether it's down to rivals had their work all the diverse. checks and the control. also they are inventing terrorists within bent muslim groups in the us accuse the f.b.i. of setting up innocent people just by a controversial arrest program. protecting national security as a reason often rolled out to justify governments keeping quiet about some of their more shady it to parties but in britain it now goes to the very heart of him and for a justice weaving aside the right to an open court hearing the country has been trying
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to sneak through its first secret criminal trial or to search for it joins us live now from london sara why is this particular trial this particular trial why is it so controversial. well the trial of these t. terror suspects was almost the first fully secret criminal trial to be heard in the u.k. now prosecutors had been fishing for that the press to be banned from every part of the proceedings on the grounds of national security now the course of appeal blocked last week so what can now be reported well the judge's introductory remarks the prosecutors a printing speech and the verdicts and sentencing phase can all be reported but the court of appeal also ruled that the core parts of this terrorism trial will still be heard in secret and we can take
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a listen now as to why the details of how this terror trial should be heard have proven so controversial. these are the names of the tea defendants in the terrorism case until last week they'd been known only by the initials a b. and c. d. g. twenty application from prosecutors to ban the press and public from proceedings on the grounds of protecting national security the whole case was close to being completely in secret well the course of the pill blocks that attempt to hold the first ever completely secret criminal trial in the u.k. the judge is saying that the call of the terrorism trial could be heard in secret but that other parts must be public but campaign is the worried that despite the ruling this case marks yet another step toward secret courts becoming a therm part of the british legal system only partial victory. going to be held in
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secret the important issue here is the very issue of open justice because we have a long tradition just just it's not enough for justice to be done it's got to be seen to be done in this case was an extraordinary departure by. i initially allowing the whole of the case to be heard in secret at the heart of the debate around secret courts is this can national security information ever be made public the government's stance is no there are people who are saying that it's a dangerous precedent they are wrong it's neither dangerous nor the precedent has forced the precedent point is concerned the have been many trials in which part of the hearing has been held in secret for national security reasons house for being dangerous it's not dangerous because the judge will god the fairness of the trial done in public if at all possible well for hundreds of years we've been able to have jurisprudence on cases that involve sensitive issues there are always ways in
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which the evidence can be presented that will protect for example surveillance or secret service operations there's no need to go to the bottom of the press from it whatsoever if we don't know what's going on what's being reported it could easily lead to an increase in miscarriages of justice ultimately it is the judges that decides there will be released new down this in this instance the cool cheese not because this is the secret trial the concern now is that with more applications that day won't be. the surface r.t. reporting from. a former high ranking anticorruption official has committed suicide while being held in detention on bribery charges he threw himself out of a window after having his can cards removed during questioning in custody let's cross live now to our catherine up with more details on this story. what do we know so far exactly about what happened and why the decision to do what he did either to
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bang well as the former head of the economic security and anti-corruption department at the interior ministry here he was in the process of being interrogated by authorities. when he allegedly asked to use the bathroom and somehow managed to climb out of the window and plummets to his death and in a suicide. but there are of course questions about whether there may be potential police brutality involved in this case now back in may he sustained serious head injuries while in pretrial detention it wasn't proven there had been allegations of potential police brutality that he may have been beaten up while in custody and this comes on the heels of news developments in another police brutality case that has sparked a nationwide outrage here in russia a fifty two year old man was in detention two years ago in the russian city of cazan when he was allegedly tortured beaten and sodomized with a champagne bottle he ended up dying from those injuries well today eight police
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officers were sentenced to up to fifteen years behind bars in connection to that gruesome killing and of course the victims and human rights activists allege that police brutality and torture is a common practice here in russia that certain police officers often routinely use torture to extract a false confession from a people they have arbitrarily detained the issue here is that police are still required to really report a certain number of solve crimes each month and the fear is that this practice essentially leads to arbitrary detentions and forced confessions in order for the police officers to make those numbers there have been reforms initiated by the russian government especially under then president dmitri medvedev but critics say that they haven't gone far enough to overcome what's believed to be a culture of brutality among the police forces here so certainly still a long way to go both of these developments are likely to continue to spark
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a nationwide outrage. from moscow on that story thank you very much right. breaking news on r t international we've learned that kiev has released two russian. list detained on saturday a reporter and a sound engineer from the t.v. channel were being held in the eastern ukrainian city of. troughs after being arrested at a local checkpoint it's the second time one of the channels cruz has been arrested in ukraine and accused of spying. imo news including the promise story on a new minger referendum in scotland up next on our team to national the victims of domestic violence speak out about trying to rebuild their lives will be back at the top of the other but if you're watching in the u.k. on compromising debate and you with foreign policy talk.
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recently four hundred high level russian officials including duma members were someone for a three day military training event that would include the use of various different weapons and lectures about the state of the russian military the stated objective of all of this was to make the average soldiers in the army aware of the patriotic attitudes of those who can order them off to fight in theory this is a good idea but the reality is this kind of reeks that sweet stench of an empty p.r. stunt this is not nearly enough to convince the average grunt that the guys in power care about him as far as i understand it in the military they want to push people to break down their psychology and boot camp so they can make new better tougher more patriotic people and obedient ones as well the sort of cutesy who we can camp
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will not have any psychological effect these politicians and to be honest i think bureaucrats the world over have it too easy their lives are too comfortable heck all the duma deputies have these nice leather chairs and they have gold watches and assistants and all that stuff i think that if the duma deputies had to suffer through a military health for one month out of the year the corrupt comfort obsessed weaklings might get squeezed out of the system this training for the elite is a good idea but it needs to be done right and brutal but that's just my opinion. says the media leave us so we leave this maybe. post. security for your party there's a. question is that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politics only on our t.v. .


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